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June 2016
The Truth about Bacteria
The workplace, institutions and public places are breeding grounds for bacteria. Infections and viruses can spread very rapidly through transference from communal touch points throughout a build Read more
June 2016
Toilet Hygiene Report
A 2015 global survey from Win Gallup International reveals that one in three across the world don't always wash their hands properly after visiting the toilet.The survey by one of the world's leading Read more
April 2016
The Cost of Sick Days to Business
Every year the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK (CIPD) produce an Absence Management Survey that looks at the facts and figures of absence from work. The most recent 2015 Sur Read more

'One Best Way' for Washroom Hygiene
We recognise that while every washroom may require a different solution, there will always be ‘one best way’ to deliver best hygiene practice in each and every case We offer an innovativ Read more

Consumer Insight
According to the World Health Organization on 04 April 2010, the most active areas of pandemic influenza virus transmission continue to be in parts of Southeast Asia, West Africa, and in the tropical Read more