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The Mini Dispenser - Compact, With Impact

Hygiene Vision has launched a new Mini Dispenser to match the trend for smaller and more discreet products in public places.

The compact Mini AirCare system delivers the same high impact fragrance as its larger counterparts, but with greater flexibility in terms of where it can be positioned in a room or corridor. The integrity of the system is protected by the unique design of the mini fragrance refill, which means that other poor-performing products can’t be dispensed through the unit.
The system provides up to 60 days constant fragrance and odour control, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The intensity of the fragrance and the refill life can be adjusted by selecting the most appropriate dispenser setting. The 30-day setting delivers fragrance every 15 seconds; the 45-day setting gives fragrance every 22.5 seconds; the 60 day setting dispenses fragrance every 30 seconds.
Air Care is more than just removing odours; the way a shop, office, washroom or building smells is now seen as part of the signature brand experience. Hygiene Vision fragrances follow the most recent trends in fine and home fragrances, providing modern scents that are both familiar and recognizable, but also a little different to create impact and interest.