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Pro-biotics – a new Hygiene Vision

For many the concept of introducing microbes into a cleaning environment may seem alien and contrary to common cleaning practices, so when Hygiene Vision launched the product at the 2016 ISSA Interclean trade show, the industry was challenge to rethink the way it fights bacteria.

Biogiene-Air is a new hygiene and odour control product that uses pro-biotic technology to regulate potentially harmful and odour-causing bacteria on floors and surfaces by creating a sustainable natural bio-balance.

According to the Royal Society of Public Health, “Microbiological studies show that routine daily or weekly cleanliness habits have no sustained effect in reducing levels or altering types of microbes”, while anti-bacterial products and strong cleaning chemicals such as bleach disrupt the natural eco-balance, affecting the ratio of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria and allowing the ‘bad’ bacteria to gain the upper hand. When good bacteria are introduced, they compete with the bad bacteria for nutrients and space, effectively crowding them out to create a hygienic, safe and odour-free green space.

In tests carried out in a primary school suffering from persistent odour, Biogiene-Air was installed and within days the bad odour was completely eliminated. It was also found that the total count of gram negative micro-organisms, including E-coli, Klebsiella and Enterobcterecea, dropped by a factor of 6. Significantly, the test was carried out without any change to the normal daily cleaning at the school, so at the end of the test period, the former bad odour returned and the total count of gram negative micro-organisms increased.
Biogiene-Air is currently available in an aerosol format for dispensing through a wall-mounted automatic air-freshening dispenser. It is available in 5 fragrances, selected through focus groups, and fragrance-free. It is safe and non-toxic, providing a natural way to create a clean green space in the washroom.