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The VisionShuffle is an innovative multi-purpose no-touch Hygiene System that uses innovative aerosol refill technology to deliver multiple hygiene solutions in and outside the washroom. 

The system is designed to meet current away-from-home washroom needs. It uses new technology to deliver improved efficiency and productivity while reducing running costs. Its unique world-leading aerosol spray and foam technology gives the greatest number of shots per refill, making it one of the best cost-in-use systems available. It is also incredibly versatile, designed to dispense different hygiene products from soap to surface cleaners.
VisionShuffle Products

VisionShuffle Dispenser

The VisionShuffle is an innovative multi-purpose no-touch dispensing unit that allows you to de...
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VisionShuffle Foam Wash

High quality luxurious Foam Wash with a light perfume and mild moisturizers to encourage health...
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VisionShuffle Hand Sanitizer

An alcohol-based hand sanitizer spray with moisturizes that gives total hand protection instant...
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VisionShuffle Seat Sanitizer

Alcohol-based spray surface cleaner that kills germs and viruses on toilet seats and other surf...
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