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NRO Soap Dispenser

The NEW Never-Run-Out hand washing system - soap is always available and never runs out.

It’s a fact – even if washroom users want to wash their hands, the no. 1 reason they don’t is because there is NO SOAP available. 
The VisionCare NRO Soap Dispenser is an innovative solution to this universal hand washing problem.
  • Hand soap is always available in-between cleaning visits and washroom checks
  • No soap is wasted - ever!
  • Low maintenance time with a system that operates efficiently, without creating a mess caused by residual soap left in the refill
  • A system that is easy to maintain and can fit into the regular routine cleaning and maintenance routine
  • No more complaints by washroom users that dispensers are empty

Top Tip

Install  NRO Soap dispenser next to high-use wash basins in the washroom to  ensure soap is always available and never runs out!
  • Customer satisfaction - a high quality, luxury foam soap where one dose is sufficient to produce a rich, thick, creamy lather to give a thorough and satisfying hand wash
  • Lightly scented for a pleasant hand washing experience
  • Hyper-allergenic soap formulation for gentle skin care - ideal for frequent hand washing
  • Quick rinse Foam formulation helps save water
  • High capacity (1L) pouch provides 2,500 shots per refill
NRO Dispenser
  • Patented NRO chamber inside the dispenser ensures that soap is still available even when the refill is completely empty
  • Wall-mounted dispenser with raised surface to indicate where to push for soap dispensing - simple and easy to use (ADA compliant)
  • Flashing red LED signals when the refill is 100% empty and ready to be changed, allowing cleaners and maintenance staff to change the refill within their regular daily routine
  • Refills only need to be replaced when they are completely empty without causing complaints about empty dispensers
  • Powered using 1 x CR2015 battery - LIfetime Warranty available


  • Economical E-bag refill is easier to store and produces less packaging waste when empty
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Fully compliant with current EU legislation with labelling that meets REACH regulations
  • Manufactured with materials and components that are ECHA registered
  • Made in Europe by ISO registered production and warehousing facilities
NRO Luxury Foam Wash E-bag refill code: 205701
  • Capacity: 2,500 shots per Foam Wash refill
  • Packed: 4 per case
NRO Dispenser code: 950981
  • Dispenser size: 250mm (h) x 120mm (w) x 110mm (d)
  • Dispenser weight: 490g